Super Sterilizer

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BEP 1000

Intelligent milk bottle sterilizer&dryer

Chitida Super Sterilizer

Intelligent milk bottle sterilizer&dryer

The new born babies make you excited and hopeful, at the same time, it also brings 

you the  unprecedented  challenge. “Chitida” accompanies you and welcome the 

future together, no matter you choose mother milk feeding, milk power feeding or 

mixed feeding, ”Chitida” respects your way and provides you the most practical and professional equipment. Choosing “Chitida” will allows you and your baby to enjoy  a more superior products experience, and a more scientific, comfortable and convenient feeding and growth.

In order to ensure the best  use effect of  this product please read the manual carefully before using , Wish “Chitida Super Sterilizer”  Intelligent bottle sterilizer and dryer will accompany you to spend the most wonderful and happiest 

parent-child time.

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